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12th March 2016

Minus 1 and dry when driving in.

Sandown yesterday was full of drama.. What A Scoop did something I have never seen before.. he did a U turn after the last when well clear and with the race well and truly in the bag.. You could not believe it/write it. To watch a replay click here..

My lunch was interesting.. the first course was something that reminded me of what Bear (my lurcher) has for his supper, but that comes out of a tin!

At least we did not have that problem last night at The Wheatsheaf. Panda Christies 40th birthday today.. celebrated last night..

David Bass, Richie McLernon, Jason Maguire and Tom Clarskon were all in for a couple of lots this morning; we worked plenty and jumped a few..

We jumped Charbel, Sonneofpresenting Un Ace, Darna, Ditntitellya, Sainte Ladylime, Crazy Jack, Red Spinner, Same Ole Trix, Gaelic Myth and Boy In A Bentley

Nicholas and Cherry Jones were here for first lot at 7.00 to see their Twelve Roses canter.

Second lot Malcolm and Linda McDonald, Graham and Maurice Brunt, Wayne Sproule, Steven Manson, James Whitworth and Georgina Williamson were all here for a morning on the gallops followed by breakfast as booked though CD Tours.

Third lot..John and Veronica Full was here to see their KBRP horses Boolavard King, Ascoteaux Nellerie and Fizzy Dancer, John Benson to see Our Belle Amie and Silver Kayf Paul and Helen Nicholson to see Our Belle Amie, Sue Tagg and Mel Pyman were all here to see their two KBRP horses Boolavard King and Our Belle Amie..

We have no runners today although we do have a couple tomorrow at Warwick. Same Ole Trix and Bandon Roc run in the same race.. trying to confuse you? No really.. For my thoughts please click here..

Warwick is hosting the Warwickshire and Northampton Air Ambulance Charity day.. Starting with a lunch hosted by Jason Maguire whose life was probably saved by them..

Before racing at Warwick I will be heading to Cheltenham to walk the course to see what the ground is really like..

Ed Cookson has been pestering me all week to put this one on..

Heard something brilliant as I was walking down the street earlier, some lad about my age in his mid 20's had someone from TV licensing at his door so I pretended to look in my bag for my son's juice bottle so I could have a cheeky listen 😏

Glad I did.

"Do you watch live TV sir?"

"Nah mate, TV's shite, don't even own one. Prefer my music me"

"May I pop inside and look so I can confirm and put that on our system?"

"I don't have to let you in do I?"

"No sir, but if you're not letting me in when you say you don't own a TV, that gives me reason to believe that you could have a TV and therefore require a licence"

"To be fair mate, the lass at number 23 won't let me in her knickers, that doesn't mean I've got reason to believe she could have a cock..."

With that, the door was closed..

Have a great weekend and see you Monday.. For a very busy week?

Before you go.. Step back in time.. 25 years ago.. click here, watch and Listen 1990