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12th April 2023

Plus 3 and dry at Thorndale. Last nights storm not as bad as expected. Yes wet but..

David Bass and Ciaran Gething here this morning to ride out.
While they were in a few jumped and Mat asked Maya in earlier to take photos!
Graham Potts our vet was in for his rearranged Tuesday visit..
Talking visits Mrs B and Archie were in yesterday morning for a Costa cocktail rather than last night. Archie should have been playing cricket but his match in Nottingham yesterday was cancelled after 3 balls..he opened the bowling!
I had to annoyingly cancel visits from John Disney and Aiden and Olly Murphy yesterday.
Although they were not coming at the same time my routine here changed due to the fact that I was whisked off for a heart scan to see if any bacteria was to be found floating around. All clear and normal thankfully.
Yes all very exciting.. don’t you just love to hear what goes on in the GR? 
I can tell you that no date for release has been set. Apparently my culture is a slow grower. Drowned or partially saturated by quantities of red wine from years of enjoyment?
On that happy note we have no runners today and poor Lauren Keen Hawkins ride on Dandy Dan did not happen as he was a non runner due to ground changes.