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11th July 2019

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.

Sorry for the delay this morning.. Computer frozen..not me oversleeping..!

Anyway..Welcome rain over night to help lay the dust.

Our trotting ring is very useful at this time of year, but the only down side is that the surface on it is a carpet one.

Brilliant thought it is and it has certainly lasted longer than the other all weather surfaces we have tried. But the surface does has one drawback and that is it gets very dusty when it is very dry.

Most mornings, at this time of year, we put the steam cleaner over it i.e. spraying water over the surface to stop it getting dusty.. that certainly works well.

Blazon ran well again last night without troubling the judge. The waiting tactics were slightly over exaggerated I fear as he was again left with far too much to do. The downside of having different jockeys ride him?

My dentist appointment was long and hopefully worthwhile?

On the way home I dropped in with John and Penny Perriss to see their horses.

John and I wandered around his fields and admired how well his horses looked. Another week and they will all be coming back here.

I stayed for a bit of supper and John, Penny and I shared a bottle of wine...or?

John might not have done an apprenticeship with Michel Roux but he must have been there enough times to appreciate good cooking and how to do it.. impressed. Master chef?

Big day of cricket... I must start by admitting how wrong I was when I forecasted yesterdays match between New Zealand and India.. I thought, as I am sure most did, that India were odds on to win.. but they didn’t.. No such thing as a certainty!

Today is a huge game for England as they take on the old enemy Australia at Edgbaston.. What a game it is going to be.. we need England to win to avoid a Southern Hemisphere final...

This was sent over by Avril Geary

For all those men who say ‘why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?’

Here’s an update for you.

Nowadays 80% of women are against marriage. Why?

Because women realize its not worth buying an entire pig.. Just to get a little sausage..