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12th July 2021

Plus 14 and damp when driving in. 7mm of rain overnight..

Second again..Football at its best? Proud of our team. Sadly it was another penatly failure.. But fans in London.. now those sights were really sad..

Wimbledon finals.. Good games to watch..Ladies.. Ashleigh Barty.. Mens.. Novac Djokovic.

The current English white ball team are the best in the world when it comes to the ODI series.. They hammered Pakistan on Saturday.

Yes back home after a wonderful 5 days staying in Cherry Jones’s stunning house on Islay.

I just love Islay.. A wonderfully peaceful island with plenty to do and if needed plenty of time to relax.. Mobile reception sketchy too..

We played golf at Machrie.. well Archie and I did.. you can imagine the outcome..The course was awesome.. well Archie was blown away by its beauty, while I was blown away by how difficult it was..

We visited the famous Islay Woollen (Tweed) Mill.. They made the tartan for Braveheart..

We spent an stunning evening cruising around the south east of the island on Islay Sea Adentures watching a minke whale move gracefully past.. we saw eagles, loads of seals and many birds that were beyond my recall.. and we caught the odd pollock, but sadly very few mackerel.

We walked and took in the relics.. we also visited the neighbouring island of Jura.. is their whisky

We sadly failed to visit any Islay whisky distilleries and that included Ardnahoe where William Kellar helps out..

The famous Coolmore stallion Galileo died over the weeknd.. He stamped the future of flat racing.. what an extroadinary stallion..and legacy.

Maddie looked after you all very well while I was away.. she made the blog far more interesting.. A big thanks Maddie..

Sadly Maddie is now away for the next 10 days as her other half Ben had a positive Covid test on Thursday and as a result they are both isolating.. Ben has not been well since, so hoping for a speedy recovery and I hope that Maddie stays clear of the dreaded covid having had it before ..

Sadly it is fairly common around here, even with those who have had two jabs..Mat and his wife Evelyn were both down with it two weeks ago and as Mat said to me when I returned.. it was not something he would recommend!!

Busy here again as many of the horses who have been summering down in Andoversford returned to Thorndale this morning.. Much noise at last..I don’t like wandering around an empty yard..Staff back and new staff started today..

The answer to Maddie's questions on Saturday were.



18....John Francome



Winston Churchill's thoughts on whisky: “The water was not fit to drink. To make it palatable, we had to add whisky. By diligent effort, I learned to like it.”

Tommy Cooper's thoughts on whisky.. “I’m on a whisky diet. I’ve lost three days already.”