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11th August 2022

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.

Busy at the garage this morning which included bumping into Chris Coley .. I always stop off on the way in to buy a paper. Something not many people do nowadays.. Frankly most papers, including our own trade paper the Racing Post, only headline on bad news stories not good news.. anything to grab your attention.. Like this Pork Pie story....Good news does not sell papers??

I am always asked if the horses struggle in this heat, and the answer is probably not..

Most horses have become used to heat, it is when the temperatures suddenly changes that causes the problems.. You might recall that a Cheltenham meeting, 4 years ago, abandoned a race half way through their card.. it was because there was a sudden change in temperature…horses were simply not used to it..

Horses like humans cope well in the heat and like us they need plenty of liquid and cooling down, although I am not sure I would like to run in a marathon in 38 degrees but in many parts of the world that is the norm?

Racecourses and trainers stables all round the country are very conscious of the need for cooling.. i.e. fans and water.. horse welfare is paramount.

10 days since I last saw David Bass or Ciaran Gethings.. sadly no postcards!!

Cricket is very much on my mind at this time of year.. Archie flat out at it and seems to permanently heading off to another match..(looking forward to him passing his driving test).. The Hundred Series has seen some of my owners very involved.. Steve O'Shaughnessy..