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13th October 2016

Plus 4 and dry when driving in.

London last night was fun .. well for me..

My evening in London started by making the right call; driving the direct route via Oxford (usually gridlocked) and the M40 rather than the M4.

It turned out that the M4 was closed at Maidenhead.. Call one right.

Two hours the journey took Peter Kerr and I which was very good and we arrived in time to have a quick drink with Nick Cheyne at the Turf Club before heading down the road to the RAC Club.

I have never been inside the RAC Club before although I have been past it many times, and like so many places in London what you see on the outside is very different behind that front door.

On our arrival we were met by Colin Cameron, who was comparing the evening, and we then settled down to have a drink with Peter Hutchinson, Don and Val Churston and my longest serving owner Tony Solomons (Harry Topper and was sadly Gaelic Myth)

Dinner was in one of their private rooms and after Colin asked me onto their small stage (rather like the Literary Festival in Cheltenham although as yet I dont have a book..) and he then fired questions, which included plenty from the room.

It was a fun night and certainly interesting for me. New faces and some recognised.. I just hope those who came along enjoyed. RAC Club which had a stunning old Lagonda in the hall way boasts some pretty spectacular facilities like a full size pool, squash courts and 120 bedrooms.

Home late and again down the M40 and unlike TNDGB we missed the M4 and Hammersmith flyover.

Jockey David Bass was in this morning.

We worked Un Ace and Robin The Raven and then jumped a few on the all weather after which were  Robin the Raven, Un Ace, Younevercall, Charbel, Bandon Roc, Grand March, Mr Brinkley, Dueling Banjos, Battle Dust, Champagne to Go, Queer Times, Gallery Exhibition, Champion Chase, Rocky's Treasure, Laval Noir, Alfie's Choice, Shaluna, Aliandy, Aunty Ann, Trojan Star, Another Venture, Vital Evidence, Cresswell Legend, Silver Eagle, Sainte Laydlime, By the Boardwalk, Texas Forever, Chateau Robin, Policy Breach, Patsys Castle, My Cousin Rachel, Fifty Bob and Desaray. 

Peter Kerr was here to video which you can watch here.

John Webber and Richard Sheppard were here very early to watch their horse Robin The Raven work. They also saw their KBRP horse Un Ace perform as well.

Breakfast followed and then it was back to the office

Douglas and Sylvia Wilkes were here third lot to see their KBRP horses Silver Kayf and Ascotdeux Nellerie

Martyn and Sandra Steer-Fowler were also here third lot to see their two horses Pulling Power and their youngster a 4 year old filly by Midnight Legend.

Pulling Power has been leased to the Turf Club again this season well half has..PP won for them at Towcester last winter.. The Turf Club have had the season from heaven this summer as they have leased half of Mrs Danvers..

We have one runner today at Uttoxeter. Jimmy The Jetplane. For my thoughts on his chances please click here.

More lessons in life from the cinema..

If you are a blonde and pretty, it is possible to become a world expert on nuclear fission at the age of 22.

Honest and hardworking policemen are traditionally gunned down three days before their retirement.

Rather than wasting bullets, megalomaniacs prefer to kill their archenemies using complicated machinery involving fuses, pulley systems, deadly gasses, lasers, and man eating sharks, which will allow their captives at least 20 minutes to escape.

All beds have special L-shaped cover sheets that reach the armpit level on a woman, but only to the waist level on the man lying beside her.

All grocery shopping bags contain at least one stick of French bread.

It’s easy for anyone to land a plane, provided there is someone in the control tower to talk you down.

Great excitement here as gigaclear was installed in our office yesterday.. Our broadband is so fast that it burns.....