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12th October 2023

Plus 9 and raining when driving in...

Rain overnight...dark mornings now and still is for first lot which pulls out at 7.15am

Ellie Robinson was here late morning yesterday to see Philip Case.... Ellie was commissioned to paint Phil's KBRS horse El Rio..

Clipper blades in action again last night.. The horse’s coats are changing really quite quickly..

Busy days racing for us today. Jeudidee and Gerard Mentor head to Exeter while Isle Of Gold, I Got Stung and Lady Gwen head to Worcester.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Our in house Five To Follow competition is now open for entries and it closes TOMORROW at mid day, so start filling in your entry forms.. Click here for the horses qualified for this years competition.

This years prize is 'A nights stay at The Queens Hotel, Cheltenham in double room and meal voucher for one night during November 2024 Cheltenham meeting.'

I received an interesting email yesterday regarding 'what was the etiquette when it comes to tipping racing staff at the races'.

In the past it has always been considered the norm to tip staff in attendance with your horse, but I think this might have waned over the years probably because new owners coming into the sport are totally unaware that this has been the accepted practice, hence the question in the email I received.

Tipping is a difficult one to advise on as it is such a personal preference, but if you think the staff have done a good job and your horse has been turned out well then a tip to appreciate their effort is always welcome and much appreciated..

Christopher Marriott again..

Two foreign immigrants have just arrived in the United States by boat and one says to the other, "I hear that the people of this country actually eat dogs."

"Odd," her companion replies, "but if we shall live in America, we might as well do as the Americans do."

Nodding emphatically, one of the immigrants points to a hot dog vendor and they both walk toward the cart.

"Two dogs, please," she says.

The vendor is only too pleased to oblige, wraps both hot dogs in foil and hands them over the counter.

Excited, the companions hurry to a bench and begin to unwrap their "dogs."

One of them opens the foil and begins to blush.

Staring at it for a moment, she turns to her friend and whispers cautiously, "What part did you get?"