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12th November 2018

Plus 3 and dry when driving in.

Talking dry.. Farmer Patrick Bailey and part owner of Another Venture emailed last night to say there will be no more rain for at least 2 weeks..

The ground was Somme like at Ffos Las yesterday.. Alfie Corbitt struggle in it and should have run better.. he will have learnt from yesterday as we have. Several hotly fancied horses became stuck in the mud..

Francis Howard represented Highclere and Highclere owners Glen and Sarah Miller made for an enjoyable afternoon.. Mrs B made her maiden journey to the far side of Wales too.

We jumped a few yesterday morning as the rain had come and the ground was perfect for jumping horses. Jockeys David Bass and Tom Bellamy were in as was Guy Disney. We jumped Gallery Exhibition, First Flow, Station Master, Silver Kayf, Johnny Ocean, Gallows Point, Sea Story, Diamond Gait, Diva Reconce and Thibault.

We have for runners today. Up at Carlisle we run Vinndication while at Kempton we run Thibault, Younevercall and Cloone Lady and for my thoughts on their chances please click here

Watching and listening to all the stories and services yesterday was incredibly moving and last night programmes on the First World War continued to remind us how lucky we are, and how much we need to thank a generation that shaped what we are today.. and on that note in finish with extract from The War Horse.. 1914-18.

I was pulled from my field, from my work, from my play. Never again to see England in Lands far away, through death and destruction, through blood, sweat and tears, I carried my master along with my peers.

So today I ask you, to remember a while, along with the soldiers in smart rank and file, remember our beauty, the strength of our kind, as we galloped through danger without care to mind.

For we were the horses, thrust in to war, And we gave up our lives for your peace evermore.

We will remember them.