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12th November 2021

Plus 11 and drizzling when driving in.

Dry at Taunton where Diamond Gait won best turned out but not the race.. She finished 6th.

I was not there. I was at Cheltenham looking at tonight’s Tattersalls sales offerings.. An expensive evening ahead I fear. Some lovely horses.

Please don’t feel embarrassed to ring me if you fancy me buying you a horse tonight..

Friday morning and Countryside Day at Cheltenham.. A day to meet people you have not seen for 18 months.. Always my favourite days racing, although the days racing has become huge.

Australia beat Parkistan with an over to spare.. Another great match to watch.. Not the final some were expeceting?..

Mat asked Mirella how her journey was from Exeter a couple of days ago.. she replied fine but Kim kept shouting at the radio!!

Busy here..

Jack Kennedy was here for a first visit to Thorndale..along with Frank Spurway, Cameron McCrum, Kev Cleary and Michael Doyle..

Steve Jaggard was here second lot to see his KBRS horses Chazza and Phantom Getaway.

Third lot Ian and Jo Brotherton were here to see their KBRS horses Tantoli, Shinobi, Subway Surf and the recently retired Vinndication.

Steve and Colin West were here to see the Imperial racing horses

Martyn and Sandra Steer Fowler and Tim and Anita Dymond were here to see their horse Trelawne

A long time ago we had Empires run by Emperors.

Then we had Kingdoms run by Kings.

Now we have countries..