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12th December 2019

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

My lack of love for Leicester dropped down one more notch yesterday when Commodore Barry ran out on the bend with 4 furlongs to go, when in front..

When I say ran out I don’t mean at a fence, I mean where the hurdle track and chase track cross and there are no rails on the bend.

Well, there is a gap when turning right as you cross the hurdle track.. you then meet the rails.. Commodore Barry decided to go right rather than left, and as a result took the wrong course and ended up on the hurdle course…

The ever witty Nico de Boinville shouted out some worthy advice to his friend David Bass as he went past… Not repeatable here..

Talking friends..Not even Jeremy Bradbeer, who was doing his last days Stewarding, was able to help..

Peter Kerr who runs all my KBRP’s, videos jockeys comments after each race so that we can forward it to their respective owners.. Yesterday it was deleted (by mistake)..what was said by DB was also certainly unrepeatable..

The days racing was not to end on a happy note as Sea Story did not win .. she finished third.. No disgrace as she struggled on  the ground.

As you found out yesterdays blog. I pay Chester Williams, even when he is not working in the yard; so in return Chester had the pleasure of driving me home.. he rides better than he drives.. There was an awful lot of stalling.. Chester blamed the car..

Thursday December 12.. A huge day for the country and possibly racing.

One party wants to ban it, another wants to make sure owners can't afford to be involved in it, one wants to have a border so I have to take my passport when I race at Ayr, Perth, Musselburgh or Kelso, and one wants us out of any connection with Europe.. whatever happens today will have long lasting consequences..

Frankly I would not be inviting any of them for or a morning on the gallops…let alone breakfast..

We have two runners today at Warwick.. Pond Road and Bobhopeornohope.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

To get you in the Christmas mood..A cracker joke for you..

Question…Why does Donald Trump have his Christmas dinner on a plastic plate?

Answer..He doesn't get on with china.