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13th January 2023

Plus 6 and dry when driving in.

Frustrating finishing second at Catterick yesterday. Time will tell that Broomfield Present probably would have done well to give the winner Captain Westie 7lb..

BP was very idle or lazy so it looked a difficult ride, but his rider David Bass thought he ran a better race than when he won at Ffos Las..Who knows...?!

Whatever.. It did not stop the first poisoned emails arriving as soon as BP passed the post.. 'Dave' emailed to say that he would stab me if I run him again.. might be a bit premature in his wishes??..

David Bass was in to ride out a couple of lots before heading East.

Vets in the yard for Friday visit..Passport and flu vacs to sort..

We have three runners today at Huntingdon. Rose and Thistle, Galaxy Moon and Destroytheevidence. For my thoughts please click here.

Grahame Whateley sent this one over.

Texting for the over 40s and 50s. The kids have all their SMS codes like WTF, LOL and PMSL etc.

So here are some codes for the more mature.

ATD=At The Doctors

BFF=Best Friends Funeral

BTW= Bring The Wheelchair

HGBM=Had Good Bowel Movement

WTL=Where’s The Lubricant

ISMSA=I’ve Shit My Self Again

WTFMT=Where the F…s My Teeth.