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12th April 2019

0 degrees and dry when driving in.

Heavily watered ground at Wetherby yesterday. Arthurs Sixpence not a good run while Alfie Corbitt hugely frustrating as he was beaten into second place. Hate seconds….

I have to say that most jump trainers do not enjoy this time of year. Racing on watered ground at the end of the season always makes for a tricky decision.

Who would want to be a clerk of the course as they are always trying to do their best, but this winters weather has certainly tried their patience and probably ours too..

Racecourse are desperate for good ground, but as we all know watering is not an exact science and not enough racecourses have good enough watering systems to make sure all their course is covered with the same amount of water. Try watering your garden to see..

Then with the longer days the ground dries all too quickly..

Our vet was in early this morning scoping our runners for the next couple of days. We had the odd dirty scope recently which is a slight worry. It is as they say, that time of year; the horses have been on the go for so long.

Australian racing is holding its breath for the perfect leaving party for Winx. Winx is due to run her last race tomorrow. We all hope she will go out with her winning run extended to 33..

Other racing news.. Cue Card left Colin Tizzards yard yesterday and heads for new home as a ROR graduate..

Rehoming racehorses is not easy and it is something we try very hard to achieve.

I get great pleasure I seeing my ex horses enjoy their life after racing and we give plenty of horses new homes, on the condition that if they find they cannot cope they must come back here so that we can look after them.

Not all racehorse find suitable homes but most of ours do. For all those anti racing folk who appear once a year after the Grand National, please note that racing cares..

We have just the one runner today at Fontwell, Station Master runs there and for my thoughts please click here.

I received a letter from Ireland yesterday with a couple of betting slips in the envelope. Both showed big bets and both horses who were trained by me did not win.

The letter for a change was not abusive it just said ‘And Life goes on Sir…. What might have been!’ No address or name so all I can say it that person reads this.. try subscribing to my thoughts as you would not have had that sort of money on either horse..

Paddy says to Mick...

'How did you get on at the faith healing group last night?'

Mick said..

'He was absolutely shite, even the feller in the wheelchair got up and walked out.'