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13th April 2022

Plus 10 and dry when driving in.

It rained yesterday.. fabulous to see.. we had 6mm of dust settling rain which sadly will not make much difference to the ground here, although it might help on a watered racecourse.

I spoke to Keith and Liz Ellis yesterday about their horse Thruthelookinglass ..they were in Madrid..

Archie and I watched the Chelsea match last night.. I can only assume Keith must be exhausted this morning.. What a game..Down to the wire and the wrong side won..on aggregate

David Bass was in to ride out as was Ed Cookson..Ed seems to be here most days at the moment.

Steve Adams and Andrew Stockton were here second lot to see Steve’s KBRS horse Galante de Romay

Karen Masters was here late morning to see her KBRS horse Does He Know ..DHK is now on holiday.

Talking holidays we are roughing horses off quickly now as there seems to be no rain in the forecast..Of course it will start pouring as soon as they go out to grass..

We have two runners today at Cheltenham. The Bull McCabe and Peaked Too Soon run there and for my thoughts please click here.

I am always pleased to help owners with mares.. I love training fillies/mares.. but the one area I am not good at is advising as to which GB stallion they should send their mares to....

So difficult..we have some very good sires in this country and it is so much a game of fashion as to where to go, and as so often the more people you ask the more confused you become….

It is really tough world, especially when it comes to selling as 3 year olds, and that is when you come across Bloodstock Agents and their views..

They certainly have preferences and as a result they can make or break a stallions early career..which in turn can be detrimental for you..To help here is a suitable list..of GB stallions..

Mat likes this one..

There is no such thing as a grouchy old person...

The truth is, once you get to a certain age you stop being polite and start being honest..

To finish Happy 42nd birthday to Jason Maguire..He now runs the very successful Ivy Lodge Farm

There are other racing birthdays of note. Jonjo O Neill (looks remarkably well for 70), ex trainer John Edwards 76, Bryony Frost 27 and Nicky Van Dijk