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13th June 2017

Plus 10 and dry when waking in Ireland..

I arrived here late last night and stayed in the Osprey Hotel with the view to spending the day at The Landrover Goffs sales...A two day sale.

Yesterday we had three of our blacksmiths wandering around the horses down at Owdeswell Stud in Andoversford clipping their toe nails.. rasping their feet.. trimmed and happy horses for another couple of weeks… July is not far away and then term time starts again

Graham Potts our vet was in for his usual Tuesday visit.

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts are.. Jupiter's Gift down 2 to 87, Sonneofpresenting up 9 to 125 and Robin the Raven enters at 130.

I only ask you to click on the following link if you have a sense of humour realizing that I spend a huge amount of time emailing my owners... Click to read.. slowly

Happy Birthday to my sister Amanda Moradaunt.. Moo...Have a good one.. I am sure you will..