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12th June 2021

Plus 16 when out on my run this morning.

I may get my P45 on Monday as I hadn't remembered that I was doing the blog this morning!!!! Naughty secretary... I also didn't get the TV up on the wall in the office.... failed all round.

So yesterday was spent with police and forensics at my house most of the morning, as usual nothing found but thankfully I have CCTV which showed the culprits having a nice wonder around our cars and then taking a crow bar to the window, luckily, after last time we have a very good security system and they were scared off.

Grey Flint fell at the last yesterday, he is fine this morning.

Late morning we had Gerda & Mike Hayes plus a couple of friends at the yard to visit their KBRS horse Galante de Romay, lovely day for it.

So last nights outing was to Alexious in Stow on the Wold which I can highly recommend to visit, the food was delicious as was the wine with a great atmosphere. 

Not much else to report today sorry, I shall leave you to enojoy your weekend and Kim will be back on Monday.