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12th August 2022

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.. It felt warmer overnight.

Locals have a hate for the roads to Birdlip..

Yesterday I was trying to get to Rockhampton to pick up Archie from a cricket game and half way to Birdlip Hill the traffic stopped and there I stayed for the next 45 minutes..

By the time I was filtered to the roundabout the reason became clear and the road down the hill towards the M5 was blocked off by Police..I suppose you would call it grid locked,..

Thankfully a fellow player brought Archie to their home in Dumbleton so that I could pick him up….

For years there have been plans to sort this shocking roundabout, but as yet nothing seems to be happening.

Moving away from that..

David Bass was in this morning.. Back from holiday..David was here to ride work on Ajero ..

Ajero still holds an entry for the Ebor next Saturday and it looks like we ought to see if he can scrape in ..5 day declarations are on Monday..

We had a vet in the yard for his usual Friday visit, and talking vets.. Dougie has not been at his best..he had a CT scan at Dragon Vets yesterday.. Nothing broken thankfully, but when the bill arrived I told them it would cost less to bone scan a horse!!

Small animal vets certainly squeeze the purse strings.. or heart strings.. emotional blackmail!!

David and Julie Martin and Dan Hall were down late morning to see their horses Ajero, Salt Rock and Tregele.. The latter two are in pre training with Jason Maguire..

Been to hospital recently?