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12th October 2015

Plus 2 and dry when driving in.

Another dry week ahead which is creating its own problems; we have horses ready to run but frankly I am not that keen on risking them unless I know they are horses who like fast ground.

Mor Brook disappointed hugely at Chepstow on Saturday and stopped like he was shot when going so well.. He will be scoped again this week to see what is wrong.. there has to be something. Horses.. If only they could talk.  Mor Brook was scoped clean only 3 days before he ran.

Forgetting that disappointing run Chepstow did a great job with their new big early season meeting. Making it a two day meeting with decent prize money was well rewarded with good crowds and decent racing.

Monday morning and fesh horses; the combination goes well, especially at this time of year.. They are like coiled springs?

I am not sure how many of you read Saturday’s Daily Telegraph but in there was a letter from a Dr Geoffrey Francis from Auckland, New Zealand who said…

‘SIR – Over in England from New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup, for the first time in 20 years, I ventured to Newmarket for a day at the bloodstock auction sales.

There were people with immaculate manners and tweed caps, purposeful calm, the freedom to smoke, no officials telling anyone where not to go, bonhomie at bars aplenty, and not an unshaven face, tattoo, or cheap suit in sight.

Why isn’t the rest of your country still like this?'