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13th October 2015

Plus 4 and dry when driving in.

Jockeys Tom Bellamy and Conor Shoemark were here for a couple of lots this morning.

We jumped Sunblazer, Net Work Rouge, Aliandy and Kilty Caul.

Nanette Sellars and Philip and Sandra Arkwright were here second lot to see their two horses Mr Puck and Mr Beatle and their share in The Chasing Hopefuls's Our Belle Amie (the Black Sam Bellamy filly). Peter Kerr, who runs all my partnerships, was here too.

Breakfast followed..

Graham Potts our vet was in here for his weekly visit and scopped runners.

The handicapper did his bit in his weekly charts by reassessing …

A Shade of Bay down 2 to 118, Milord down 2 to 117, Mor Brook down 3 to 107 and two new chase entries with Bonne Fee at 114 and Twelve Roses at 135.

The first Test match started today. England v Pakistan in Abu Dhabi..

The joke below was sent over by one of my morning guests..

A couple were having dinner one evening when the husband reached across the table, took his wife's hand in his and said,

"Beth, soon we will be married 30 years, and there's something I have to know. In all of these 30 years, have you ever been unfaithful to me?"

Beth replied, "Well Charles, I have to be honest with you. Yes, I've been unfaithful to you three times during these 30 years, but always for a good reason."

Charles was obviously hurt by his wife's confession, but said, " I never suspected. Can you tell me what you mean by 'good reasons'?"

Beth said, "The very first time was shortly after we were married, and we were about to lose our little house because we couldn't pay the mortgage.

Do you remember that one evening I went to see the banker and the next day he notified you that the loan would be extended?"

Charles recalled the visit to the banker and said, "I can forgive you for that. You saved our home, but what about the second time?"

Beth asked, "And do you remember when you were so sick, but we didn't have the money to pay for the heart surgery you needed?

Well, I went to see your doctor one night and, if you recall, he did the surgery at no charge."

"I recall that," says Chuck. "And you did it to save my life, so of course I can forgive you for that.

Now tell me about the third time."

All right," Beth said.

"So do you remember when you ran for president of your golf club, and you needed 73 more votes?''