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13th October 2022

Plus 7 and dry when driving in... Foggy in the valley below

Thursday is our easy day.

Last nights visit from 6 residents of the Richmond Retirement Village in Cheltenham was (I hope) a huge success.. It was a typical evening stables..They watched horses being mucked out and brushed..They enjoyed meeting and talking to my staff and just loved patting and talking to our horses..

They really appreciated their visit and as they said it was great to be out in such a stunning part of the country.

Thanks for all the comments of our new staff video.. I am pleased to say all so far are very positive..

We have purposely not shown the summer highlights because jump racing is theorectically/predominantly a winter sport and that is what I wanted to put across, so those watching would understand that there are dark mornings, and cold ones to boot.. and then dark evenings..

For all the above I am happy with the video and I believe it is important to show the real side of working in a stable yard..

Tattersalls yealing sales Book 2 continued to break records..... Rose and Thistle's breeder/owners  Coln Valley Studs yearling sold well....

Scary stuff in Ukraine

England beat Australia in the latest T20.. They have now won the 3 match series..Ben Stokes caught some catch on the boundary..

Time on your hands.. They are half way throught the Cheltenham Literature Festival.... I am hoping to go to listen to William Hague tonight..

Benny Hill on sport!