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14th February 2023

Plus 4, foggy and dry when driving in.

This time last week I was recovering from a full knee operation performed with great delicacy by Mr Navraj Atwal in the Nuffield Hospital in Cheltenham.

I was never keen on having any sort of operation and frankly the thought of hospitals, let alone Doctors fill me with dread.. but being the first time I have ever had one I went in still recalling the day when two dentists tried to gas me as a youngster.. resulting in trauma and claustrophoic fear!!

It was a long wait before being taken down to theatre where it seemed all the staff were racing enthusiasts so much so that when asked what I was running at Newbury I started to say Does, but the He Know part of the name came out 2 hours later in recovery!

Back in my room my night nurse Tracey took control and she passed me onto Clare when her shift finally finished. I had my first bed bath, yes another first and that was with the lovely Carol Bailey.

The staff were excellent and so friendly.. all seemed to love either horses or racing at Cheltenham, so we had plenty to chat about.

Home now under the important care of Clare Bailey who is an excellent nurse, even though she was keen to stress that when I was in the same position (when she broke her neck) I said I hope you don’t mind if I head off to Australia for two weeks!

Unfortunately for Mrs B she could not find anybody to look after Dougie and Bert, otherwise she might have been tempted to return the compliment by flying off to the Seychelles!!

So on that happy note can I thank you all for the notes, texts, emails and cards.  . Now it is a case of leg up, ice and physio with Lucinda ..although I do hate the fact that I have to self administer an injection into my stomach every night for the next 2 weeks..

Back to Tuesday..

John and Penny Perriss were over third lot to see their horses. As they said 'we would not normally be over' as they would be seeing their horses on a fairly regular basis on the racecourse, but that is sort of 'off the sheet' due to the dry weather..

On that note Fakenham have abandoned this coming Fridays meeting due to no rain and fast ground..

We have our usual vet visit and this weeks movers and shakers on the BHA handicap charts were..Design Icon up 3 to 99, Does He Know down 1 to 157, Lets Go Amigo down 4 to 98, Sayadam down 2 to 127, Starvoski down 2 to 95 and Mikhailovich enters at 103

Doing anything for Valentines night?

Watching telly and looking at my phone!