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14th May 2022

Plus 9 and dry when driving in.

The journey to Aintree last night was OK. 3 and half hours which was about 45 minutes longer than normal.

David Bass and I met John and Penny Perris at Warwick and used the toll road.. Tom Lacey who we met at the races went M5/M6 and it look him an hour longer.

Arriving early on a lovely evening, Aintree looked its best. The good fast summer ground was too quick for Wandrin Star sadly and that will be his last run before heading out to grass.. As John and Penny said after, that was their last days racing for 5 months!

Aintree look after owners well .. Last night with not too many runners there was loads of room to enjoy their facilities. Good food and the local staff were just wonderful..They have such a great sense of humour..

When I asked our waitress for another bottle of wine she looked quizzically at John and I said 'one or two!'

We had a good drive home with David at the wheel.. Having moaned about RR drivers David was very happy to drive one..

One kind person came up to me and thanked me for my blog.. She said that she had a horse in training across the valley, and frankly by sharing her involvement she is guaranteed a photo on the blog rather than just a mention!

Saturday morning

David Bass in for a couple of lots

4 of John Perriss’s horse went home for their summer holiday while Mat and I went off to look at a new way of making hay.

We had to be back early as there is an important football match early this afternoon and another later..

Mrs B up at  Chatsworth watching her horse perform.

Jo Goldring here second lot..

Looking for something to do today..

The National Garden Scheme ..And by clicking here you can register and visit Norman Carter's garden in Winchcombe.

Have a great wekend and see you on Monday.. I will be up at Goffs sales Monday through to Thursday..

To finish on a good Irish saying..

The man who has luck in the morning has luck in the afternoon.