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14th June 2021

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.

A very good old fashioned summer weekend.. cracking weather.. disappointing cricket and a win in the football..

Last weeks Goffs Sales continued the upward trend of all recent horse sales. I do find it staggering the prices paid for horses..

Please don’t get me wrong.. of course it is good news that there is confidence in the market, and in racing as a whole, but staggering when you think that most of those horses sold will be racing for less prize money than their grandmothers did… Are we barking up the wrong tree when it comes to prize money??

It seems that 16 months of covid has given the world a chance to save and then spend… everything seems to be more expensive, but people seem to want to pay for it. Holidays abroad are out and party time on hold.. so what else is there to do? Talk to anybody in any business there seem to be a shortage of staff.. Is it because so many are still on furlough?

Monday morning and bar a visit to my dentist it was a normal one..

Andy and Sandy Page were here mid morning to see their KBRS horses Blazon and Shinobi

Maddie heading to the tip with Mrs B.. sounds worse than it is but mattresses in the hostel need removing and repacing and the TV in the office has died.. you have to book a visit to the council tip..

As it is Monday...

A weasel walks into a bar.

The bartender looks up and says ''Wow! In all my years tending this bar, I have never had a weasel stop by..

What can I get you?

Pop goes the weasel..

It was my sisters birthday yesterday.. 21 again and looking great on it..

Today non virus video nasty