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14th June 2023

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

Hot yesterday and it was even hotter for our blacksmith Alex Hall who was down in the fields trimming all horses horses feet.. all were done, although one escaped.. Moonlighter lived up to his name and refused to be caught.. Their feet needed trimming and rasping, especially during this dry spell. The horseflies are out in force now..

Dreadful happenings in Nottingham.. Driving to Lambourn early yesterday morning the news was flowing in and Mat who comes from Nottingham was just horrified.. Our world is going mad.. those poor families involved.. The countries thoughts go out to them..

When we returned from our few days away in Wales I found a big box waiting for me.. A folding chair and table.. Ideal for watching cricket, but I did not order it and have no idea where it came from.. The delivery company could not help but suggested I must have ordered by mistake!. No.. Any ideas?

Plenty of money changing hands at the Arkle Sales yesterday.

Aussie Jokes.. sadly outdated but important to laugh.. at the past!

What do you call a world class Australian cricketer...Answer..Retired.

What do you get if you cross the Australian cricket team with an Oxo cube?.. A. Laughing stock.

What’s the difference between Michael Clarke and a funeral director?...  A funeral director doesn’t keep losing the ashes.

What’s the difference between an Aussie batsman and a formula one car?.. A. Nothing. If you blink you’ll miss them both.

What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?... A. The entire Australian innings.

What do you call a cricket field full of Australians ?... A vacant lot.

What is the main function of the Australian coach? ...A. To transport the team from the hotel to the ground.

Who spends the most time on the crease? ...A. The woman who irons the Australian teams cricket whites.