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14th July 2023

Plus 13 and raining when driving in. We are in for a wet 24 hours..

You probably have not noticed but there has been no jump racing since Tuesday and the next meetings are on Sunday, so many of our jump jockeys have taken this 4 day break as a chance to get away while they can.. It is one of the few times during the year when they can escape..

Sadly for them it is only 4 days not seven!.. Hence David Bass was not in on Wednesday as he is currently hammocked up in Sweden.. Ciaran Getting on the other hand has had to go back to Ireland for a family funeral..

Somebody tweeted yesterday that he remembered the jump season ending after The Whitbread Gold Cup (Bet365) at Sandown.. Well it was not the case, as the last day of the season was always at the end of May with the last two meeting being Stratford (Horse and Hound Cup) in the afternoon and Market Rasen in the evening.. then there was a 6 week break..

Poor George Boughey is having a tough time at the moment. A mix up with Gastroguard.. Gastroguard is an gastric ulcer treatment and sadly the only one that works.. Staggering how many racehorses are on this treatment and it is very expensive ..

A tube a day is the best way to use it to guarantee that it works.. It has a 72 withdraw period before you can run a horse under rules...I can assure you that every trainer has tried alternatives, but none have been proven to work as well..

Banning betting adverts on TV in Ireland could happen very soon.. the knock on effect would be that Racing TV and At The Races would pull the plug on broadcasting Irish racing.. It could seriously damage the sport..Ted Walsh has his say too.

A big thank you to Ean Branston of ECB for allowing Archie to borrow his cold Spa treatment .. It has now been set up at home so that Archie can use it daily..

Yesterdays two Ladies Semi finals were great to watch. Emotional for Elina Svitolina.. Supported by the crowd, but it was not to be..

Ons Jabeur produced a superb comeback to beat Aryna Sabalenka..

Shots of the day

Mens semi finals day at Wimbledon.. I bet they are pleased that they hae a roof over the court..

To finish..

A very happy birthday to Keith Ellis.. Keith and Liz have two very well named homebred horses here.. Thruthelookinglass and Behind The Veil..

A typical early night?