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14th August 2021

Plus 16 and dry when driving in.

Anna Mason was here late yesterday morning..

Anna who works tirelessly for Maggies Homes in Cheltenham as their centre fund raising manager was here picking up the 'Racing For Maggies' racing colours, last worn by David Bass when he rode Another Venture at Cheltenham in March..

AV has since been sold as the partnership was coming to an end and AV now goes Hunter Chasing and Point to Pointing with George Daly.

The Racing For Maggies colours are going to be auctioned off later this year to help raise money for this wonderfull charity.... I will keep you posted as to when.

David Bass in.. Ciaran Gethings headed to Perth early.

No visitors this morning.. probably the last Saturday when we don’t have any?

There seems to be a big article in tomorrows Racing Post on Keyboard warriors..

I have known many and will come across many again.. I can cope with the abuse, but young jockeys and trainers might not be so 'thick' skinned.. Sundays preview features Ciaran Gethings and it makes tough reading.. How could people be so hard on young jockeys, but these gutless so and so's will always be there to abuse and somehow something needs sorting..

Talking abuse can I quickly point out that this was not my doing! Disgraceful..

Jimmy Anderson had another good day at Lord's although England now batting are struggling!

We have one runner at Perth today.. Yes it took a while for the horse to get there (Friday traffic) but there he is.. Peaked Too Soon runs ths afternoon and for my thoughts on his chances please click here.

Teacher: Make an opposite of this sentence: ‘Kids in the dark usually make errors.’

Little Johnny: Errors in the dark usually make children.

On that note.. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

To finish.. Happy birthday to David Bass's best mate.... Nico de Boinville...who makes it on Wikipedia