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14th October 2021

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

Wetherby was fast ground yesterday and they will be hoping for substantial rain before their big Charlie Hall meeting in two weeks time.

It seemed like it was a big crowd there yesterday, well at least it felt that way as all my last visits were without. The Bull McCabe was not on a going day which was dissapointing..

A very early start this morning taking Ajero, Vinndication, Wandrin Star and Inca Rose for an away day.

Early start means a short blog I am afraid....We have no runners today..

John, a village doctor, was awakened at 4 a.m. to make a house call. He reluctantly got dressed and braved a snowstorm.

After the examination, he told the patient to send immediately for his lawyer and relatives and friends and make a will.

When he got home, he told his wife what he had seen and done.

His wife asked, "Was the patient really that bad?"

John said, "No, I just didn't want to be the only idiot called out on a night like this."

Happy birthday to Gwen Meacham and it would have been my mothers birthday today too..