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14th November 2023

Plus 10 and dry when driving in...

It was certainly blustery at Kempton yesterday..

Kempton could not have been more helpful when offering us a box.. We had nearly all the members of the Rio Grandees there to support their horse.

El Rio on the face of might have looked disappointing, but we were very keen to get his third run to qualify for a handicap mark..

Talking handicap marks..

This weeks movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts were..Bobhopeornohope down 1 to 139, Fair Frontieres down 3 to 127, Halligator down 2 to 105, Phantom Getaway down 3 to 120, On the upwards curve.. Mr Grey Sky up 5 to 120, Parc d'Amour up 1 to 112, Percy Veering up 7 to 88, Trelawne up 7 to 143 while poor Hurlerontheditch goes up 10 to 122 for falling at the last..

No vet visit today.. Tomorrow..

Huge crowds to say farewell to the legend Sir Bobby Charlton.. Englands 1966 World Cup win will not be repeated for a while, but the respect we all had for his demeanour, and the honour that he showed for playing for his country meant that Sir Bobby was that true sporting legend…RIP great man..

To finish.. Happy birthday to our King..His racing involvement is very important and very welcome.