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14th December 2022

Minus 5 and dry when driving in.

It never rose above minus 2 all day yesterday, but at least we were able to get all the horses out and give them a canter.. Thanks to my Team for all their hard work..Supper in the Royal Oak tonight as a well earned thank you..

I added another 4 tonnes of salt to my shopping list this morning ..I bought 2 tonnes last week.. making a total of over £1000.00 spent of the stuff..

Tracks and gallops seem to eat salt.. and to think it is meant to be bad for us?

A visit to the dentist in Banbury yesterday afternoon.. always expensive.. but somethings are not..

The tiny screw in my glasses fell out, so did the lense..Bugger,.. Close to my destist is an opticin called Peepers Opticians.. Michael Finley could not have been more helpful as he not only put a new screw in, but cleaned them, straightend them and gave me a new case.. free of charge.... He deserves a bit of praise.. top service..

My day started with an early morning call from Harry Cobden asking me for lunch (in a field) on Friday (confident racing at Ascot will not go ahead.. best meeting of the year).. sadly I am not up to car journeys yet. And a long way to Devon or wherever he lives.. I am sure DB will take the hint?

Talking David Bass.. He and Ciaran Gething were in this morning to ride out.. no working of horses today as I won’t work them when air temperatures are minus....Cantering and ticking over.. 

Anyway we did not pull out until 8am so that we could at least see where we were going and waht we were doing....

Nick Cook called in mid morning to see his KBRS horse General Hubble and discuss the excellent cricket result in Pakistan

Archie breaks up from School today so my bar bill will likely increase!!  considerably..

Ffos Las seem confident that they will race tomorrow.. We shall see..

The maid asked her boss, the wife, for a raise, and the wife was upset.

The wife asked "Why do you think you deserve a pay increase?"

Maid: "There are three reasons. The first is that I iron better than you."

Wife: "Who said that?"

Maid: "Your husband."

Wife: "Oh."

Maid: "The second reason is that I am a better cook than you."

Wife: "Who said that?"

Maid: "Your husband."

Wife: "Oh."

Maid: "The third reason is that I am better at sex than you."

Wife: "Did my husband say that as well?"

Maid: "No, the gardener did."

Wife: "So how much do you want?"

To finish.. A very happy birthday to an old friend.. Liam (Higgs) Higgins..