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15th February 2023

Plus 1 and dry when driving in..It reached 16 degrees in places yesterday 

There is a threat of some light showers in the next 24 hours. Sadly not enough for owners to start pouring over entry books for soft ground races.

Valentine’s Day.. not popular as on Tuesday night I trawled through our card draw and found a suitable card. Topped, sealed and I left it out for Mrs B to find yesterday. A surprised Mrs B opened and immediately realised it was the card she had bought to give me!!

It did look odd watching those few runners at Lingfield racing on watered ground and dust yesterday!

David Bass and Ciaran Gethings were in to ride out a couple of lots.

We did not work any as there was no need...we look to have only one runner this week and that is likely to be First Flow in the Betfair Chase at Ascot on Saturday.

Certainly not ideal conditions for him, but he ran a fine race at Huntingdon in the Peterborough Chase on good fast ground.

If we were to miss Saturday then there is only one other race he can run in and that is on the last day of the season at Sandown!

You can certainly call me old fashioned, but now that JC racecourses have relaxed their dress codes I am not looking forward to seeing any Sam Smith admirers taking his dress sense seriously and appearing in the Guinness village at Cheltenham next month!! At least the suit colour will appease some? Of course many say standards are slipping!

The greatest non swearing British insults..I am sure we have all used one if not two of the following..

1. Dipstick

2. Plonker

3. Wally

4. Wazzock

5. Muppet

6. Berk

7. Mug

8. Plank

9. Numpty