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15th June 2021

Plus 12 and dry when driving in..

Supper last night with Patrick and Sarah Bailey (no relation!)..

It has been over a year since we saw each other.. we have all been there, but catching up last night along with David Manley, Emma, Patsy and Sandy Douglas was bloody good fun..

My godson Ed Bailey bought five horses for his clients last week at Goffs, so he is doing well too.

The new TV working in the office might have given me the chance to watch Scotland play their first round of the Euros but mowing took preference.. Anyway Scotland lost and any thoughts of smiling was not the case as I love going to Scotland and I find the locals great, so I am very happy to support their teams, although sadly I fear that is not the case too often when they watch England play.. any sports for that matter.

Talking sport..It is a busy week of sport.. Queens . Royal Ascot, Euros..Sadly due to the extended lockdown restrictions big crowds afer June 21 are a no no..bugger..

A few visitors this morning.

Charles Atkinson here to see his KBRS horses Shinobi and Yeavering Belle.

John Knock, Keith Bratt and Terry Crump were here to see their KBRS horses Shantou Express and Tantoli.

John and Pat Lee were also here to see their KBRS horses Does He Know, Voyburg, Galante De Romay, Parc D’Amour and Fair Frontieres.

This evening I am doing a zoom call with the Jockey Club and South West Racing team to discuss their new horse Marton Abbey.

Graham Potts our vet was in...Tuesday visit..

This week movers and shakers in the BHA handicap charts were..Grey Flint down 2 to 92, Gerard Mentor down 5 to 85, Shinobi down 5 to 112, Talk Of Fame down 4 to 102. Blazon down 1 to 65 on the flat

Cornelius Lysaght writes...Jim Bolger and drugs..

The reply..

A few more awful jokes for you …on a musical theme:         

It’s been a bit of a strange day!!

First I found a hat full of money,

Then I got chased by a man with long hair and waving a guitar.


The theatre had a power circuits failure.

The Orchestra got a shock from the conductor.

Todays non virus video nasty..