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15th June 2023

Plus 15 and dry when driving in.

Clare and I popped over to see John and Penny Perriss last night and see their horses out at grass.

We wandered round the fields and admired how they looked and then sat outside for a BBQ.. Well John as it turns out is the only male I know who does not do BBQ’s..

Steak and chips under the grill and fine wine was the order of the night cooked by (Johnny) and excellent it was too..

Tom Fillery is here steam cleaning the roof and contents of the first barn. Everything will be thoroughly cleaned by tonight.. on top of that we are starting to rip up areas of the yard and concreting.. wear and tear!

No recession at the sales.. The Arkle Sale day two.. Huge prices..Day three today, but the lesser of the three days..

We have two runners tonight at Worcester..Shantou Express and Gerard Mentor and for my thoughts please click here.

Bruce the Aussie bloke walks into a dusty old bar deep in the outback.

To everyone's surprise he has a five meter salty -- a crocodile -- on a leash.

"Roit!" he exclaims. "I'll bet everyone here that I can have my mate here" -- gesturing to the crocodile -- "clamp down on my donger for a full minute. If I do it, everyone has to buy me a beer."

The bar patrons look around at each other, and finally shrug their agreement. So Bruce drops his trousers, and immediately the crocodile clamps down on his genitalia. Bruce strains and sweats for a long minute. Finally, the barkeep calls "Time!" and Bruce grabs a bottle off a nearby table, and smashes it over the head of the crocodile, who promptly lets go. Bruce pulls up his pants and smiles proudly; there is mad cheering all around, and the beer starts to flow.

Not long after, Bruce stands up again and exclaims, "Roit! Now, I'll buy ten beers for any man who can do the same!"

There is quiet in the bar. Finally, a voice is heard from the crowd: "I'll give it a go, mate... But you have to promise not to hit me with a bottle."