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17th August 2023

Plus 14 and dry when driving in...

Hard to believe how exciting the semi finals of the ladies World Cup was..

I was minding my own business when suddenly Mat screamed that The Lionesses had scored, but when The Matildas went level with an excellent goal Mat went home to watch on his own... he could not take the suspense..

England winning such a grudge match, in front of a partisan Australian crowd, means that we are now in the World Cup Finals.. the first time since 1966.. one up on the recent Mens teams.. Anyway Sunday is going to be a nail biter against Spain..

Thursday is our easier day.

Ian and Emma Fowler were here third lot to see her KBRS horse by Jack Hobbs gelding..

Brilliant news arrived by whatsapp yesterday from Sandie Wilkinson my very special accounts guru.. Her daughter Melanie, who has spent many an hour in my office when here with her Mum, has become engaged to George Sweeting..

Both work in London.. One of Melanie's greatest quotes was when she described me as 'Dim Kim'!!..Many congratulations Melanie..  I still laugh at your quote!!