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15th September 2022

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

Thursday is our easy day and it was, bar a vet visit which should have been for tomorrow but we brought it forward 24 hours.

Overbury Stud really is a beautiful place and yesterday the sun shone and the paraded stallions looked so well..

We were honoured to be shown the recently retired and hugely influential stallion Kayf Tara…Then it was onto the new stars of the stud..

Jack Hobbs was paraded and what a lovely looking horse.. all trainers present, and there seemed to be far more than just the ones based in Gloucestershire were all very complementary of the 3 year olds they had bought this summer.. Yes Jack Hobbs looks a sire to follow…

The next stallion paraded was Ardad.. Athletic and a very smart flat stallion..

Finally, and the reason for our visit was to meet Jayne McGivern’s recent purchase ...Golden Horn..

Richard Brown of Blandford Bloodstock brokered the deal from Darley Stud.. and I know Simon Sweeting is thrilled to be standing Golden Horn at Overbury.. I can see why..

Good to meet Jayne and also Richard.. Richard and I seemed to have a great deal in common (bar age).. he loves his cricket and his fishing.. we had plenty to talk about!

I took the last of the photos for our horses in training page last night during evening stables.. I was working on the theory that we might not have that many more sunny and warm evenings..

Today we host 100 members of the public for our part in the second running of the National Racehorse Week..This week seems to have become such a success so quickly.. Well done to Richard Phillips who is the brains behind the idea.

I have always had an open door policy and those who ask to see the yard and horses are always welcome, but this National Racehorse week offers so many the chance to see so many yards open..

My tour starts at 3.30 with a display from retired ROR racehorse Mr Beatle (Owned by Nanette Sellars)..

Mr Beatle will show off his new life as a ROR horse in the paddock by the yard and will be ridden by Megan Harper....Megan rides all my youngster at Martin Jones when they being broken in..

Mr Beatle and Megan are also performing at Blenheim Palace Horse Trials this weekend..

After watching Mr Beatle perform Mat and I will split up our guests and show them around the yard and the horses during a normal working evening stables.. I hope they enjoy....

This made me laugh..

On a keyboard the letters I and O are perilously close, which the TV presenter Dan Walker found while promoting his new show on Twitter.

He hit the wrong key while typing the first I in Digging for Treasure.

At least it’s probably a typo. Or perhaps Channel 5 is going back to its roots.

To finish.. Here's hoping Chester Williams is going to be OK....