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14th November 2019

0 degrees and snowing when driving in. Yes snowing.

I was up at 5.15 to take the dogs for a walk and they were not impressed to be dragged out. Walking on wet white stuff was not what they expected.. nor me for that matter.

We Brits like talking about the weather.

Yesterday when I arrived back at Kingham train station I was able to watch my two runners at Exeter. Not sure it looked that good on my phone as it was pitch dark and raining while I was in bright sunshine.

Surreal and the race commentators said it was perhaps the worst conditions they had seen any race start off in.

I run my horses in sheep shin nose bands so it helps me see them..I could at the start and with two in the same race it thought thank God I do..

They were off and all I could see after 100 yards was Miss Gemstone as she was in front but Drumreagh I never saw at all..

Miss Gemstone ran well to finish 5th but Ned Curtis had to tell me how Drumreagh ran as I never saw her…

It was dire it was for their owners…

Perhaps it was a good day to be in London.

Yesterdays AGM of the RSA was interesting and I came away realising that racings ruling body and the ROA really don’t understand the importance of syndicates and their future place in our sport.

I had to leave early to catch the train home as I had to be in Gloucester by 6 to go.

My journey home was shared with the new Cheltenham Racecourse Chairman Martin St Quinton. It was short journey as the time flew.. Martin had been up to London for World Horse Welfare annual conference.

BBC Rdaio Gloucester like their sport and they do an hour programme on Cheltenham races before every meeting with Steve Kitchen. Last night I was on with Simon Claisse, the racecourse clerk of the course, and Tom Arkle who is a big local blogger The Cotswold Gentleman and tweeter and in his spare time does all J.J O’Neill's media news.

Much discussion of racing and the weather. The latter could play a major factor over the next 48 hours and could easily jeopardise Fridays card... The ground is already heavy and they are inspecting this afternoon.

We have two runners today.. well we hope to have two runners today. Cresswell Legend heads to Taunton while Does He Know to Ludlow. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Tonight Peter Kerr, Chester Williams and I are doing a Cheltenham preview.. Yes a first outside the Festival.

The evening has been organised by Keith Blundell of Winchcome Radio and is taking place Curious Wine Cellar in the Market Place in Northleach…

Mat has dropped out as he has a better invitation.. John and Penny Perriss are taking him and Evelyn and Jason and ‘Laura’ Maguire to The Plough in Cold Aston.

Why do We Love Children...

A woman was driving with her three young children one warm summer evening when a woman in the convertible ahead of them stood up and waved. She was stark naked!

As the Mum was reeling from the shock, she heard her 5-year-old shout from the back seat, 'Mum, that lady isn't wearing a seat belt!'