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15th November 2022

Plus 11 and raining when driving in. 10mm overnight..

Some horses just have a cheeky character and Lets Go Amigo is one of those .. He is a playboy.. Talented yes, but still a playboy.. In time he will grow up and become a man, but it could take a few runs for the penny to drop.

Yesterday he belied all the time spent with Laura Collett and all those jumping sessions at home as he took every hurdle as if he had never seem one before.. Therefore he was beaten at very short odds..

My twitter account went mad, although bizarrely no rude emails or phone calls.. I was expecting a few and was prepared.. Perhaps they knew that.

I did warn his owners that he was not one for concentrating when he ran in his bumper and the fact that he was a fast finishing 5th probably was the reason he went off at such a ridiculously short price yesterday.

Money makes the market and I really don’t believe it came from those in the know..The horse that won his race had good point form and therefore racecourse experience.. Anyway Lets Go Amigo will learn and in time he will show the ability he has..He is a baby with a cheeky grin..

I hate odds on favourites and to have two in a afternoon did not bode well and although Samatian ran well, he finished second..Disappointing day yes, but nobody died and both horses finished second and both will have the opportunity to go one better.

Binoculars are all part of a trainers hand bag, if you get my drift.. My original pair of Zeiss glasses were either stolen or lost at Exeter many years ago and since then I have used Swarovski optics.. Brilliant as they are, but last week one of my screw in eye cups fell out and I lost it.. Annoying..

I rang Swarovski in Austria on Thursday and yesterday two new eye pieces arrived in the post, free of charge, with the compliments of Swarovski…. Now that is brilliant service, and that is why I am writing about it..

Tuesday and no vet visit as 'they' are on a day out at a BHA Veterinary Conference in Aintree..

David Bass in to ride out..

This weeks movers and shakers in they BHA handicap charts were..I Spy A Diva up 4 to 117, Phantom Getaway up 9 to 129, Talk Of The Moon down 4 to 84, Starvoski down 1 to 99 while Galante de Romay enters at 97

The BHA have taken control.

We have 6 runners today..

Thruthelookinglass and Percy Veering head to Lingfield while Kyntara, Flirtatious Girl, Big Suze and Galaxy Moon head to Hereford.. For my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Happy birthday to my Conditional jockey Kai Lenihan

The gallop camera is out of actionat the moment.. new batteries ordered!

As the coffin was lowered into the ground at a traffic warden’s funeral, a voice from inside yelled: “I’m not dead! I’m not dead.. Please let me out!''

The vicar smiles, leans forward sucking in air through his teeth and mutter.s.: “Sorry too late pal I have already done the paperwork .”