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17th January 2020

Plus 6 and just about dry when driving in.

Dry it certainly was not at Ludlow yesterday, in fact it was shocking. It rained for most of the afternoon.

My days racing started well when Java Point ran a blinder to finish second. Yes I hate seconds, but it was a good one as the winner is very useful. Augurs well for the future?

What does not is the way Hollymount Holly ran at Market Rasen;  she was never happy and ran hugely disappointingly.

After such an encouraging start to her career when she won so impressively at Hereford, yesterday was just the complete opposite and something has to come to light as to why.

It was so disheartening for all to see her run so badly, especially for her owner John Perriss.

Back at Ludlow Subway Surf travelled into her race like the winner, only to falter a couple of furlongs from home to finish 5th.

On bare form she has run to probably where she should have, but we all know she is far better than that. And then to cap the day Owbeg ran a shocker in the bumper.

It was a long and lonely journey home..

Friday brings a new day, but I have to admit as I am not happy with the way my horses are running Newtide will stay at Thorndale today, rather than head to Chepstow.

His blood is just not a 100%.. Marginal, but when your horses are not running well there is no need to test it out on heavy ground at Chepstow. 'When in doubt pull out..'

I am going to back off most of the horses for the next week, and as they say.. suffer and see..

There is nothing more disheartening for owners, trainers and staff when things are not right, but we must be brave and take it all on the chin.. It will change and when it does, we will all feel happier..

Time and patience.. as my old boss Fred Rimell would say.. having said that I am not going to elaborate on what he said after the word patience.

I am away today meeting my accountant Ian Hewitt.. not sure he will make my mood better?

Maurice Jones was as sharp as a needle with yestrerdays answer..

The question was..Name Only two vegetables that can live to produce on their own for several growing seasons:

Answer..Asparagus and rhubarb..

There were loads of different suggestions.. but I am the judge on this one..sorry Dan R-W!

Todays question is..

What fruit has its seeds on the outside?