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15th February 2018

Plus 5 and dry when driving in.

Yesterday was a horrid day.. it was windy, cold and very very wet.. Only made up for by having an excellent lunch with David and Julie Martin and Dan Hall..Their promising horse Minella Warrior returned this morning,

After lunch I went into Cheltenham to see the horses that are for sale today at Tattersalls Cheltenham Sale, but so cold were the lads and lasses looking after the horses that the general consensus was they would prefer to stay in the tent and watch racing than show horses..I shall be back there this morning to see the horses.. the sale starts at 1.30..

Busy here third lot this morning.. Thankfully Thursday was our easy day.

Fenella Tillier, Richard Stewart-Liberty and Jill Gort were here to see their KBRP horses Kayf Storm, Dusty Pearl and Desaray.

Phil Andrews (owner of the month) along with his wife Gill and two sons Joe and Bobby, where here to see their horses Those Tiger Feet, Mr Grey Sky and Dandy Dan and their KBRP horses Vinndication and Blazon.

Peter Bennett Jones was also here to see his horse Prince Llywelyn and his Racing For Maggies horses Another Venture and Biscuit.

Bad Legs ! !

A man walks into a bar and sees a very attractive woman sitting by herself and asks, “May I buy you a cocktail?”

"No thank you," she replies, "alcohol is bad for my legs."

"Sorry to hear that.  Do they swell?"

"No, they spread.