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16th February 2019

Plus 8 and drizzling when driving in.

It was 16 degrees here yesterday afternoon.

Yes spring must be the air as I mowed my lawn at home, Mat mowed the bank by the yard and my neighbour Mike Evens nearly ran me over when driving his huge gang mower down to his excellent golf course.

David Bass was here for two lots. We jumped Rose To Fame and Pond Road.

After a break we have visitors from CD Tours again this morning.. Orlaith and Alex O'Connor, Kevin and Carol Giles, Kevin O'Keefe, Joanna Stafford and Andrew Reynolds were all here for a Morning on the gallops and breakfast.

Ian Brotherton called in third lot to see his KBRP horses Arthur’s Sixpence and Subway Surf while Robert and Katy Axcell-Steele also called in to see Miss Gemstone.

Fantastic days racing at Ascot, Wincanton and Haydock .. I just hope all three courses have huge crowds to appreciate some fabulous competitive racing.

We have three runners over the weekend. Charbel and Subway Surf run today at Ascot while Those Tiger Feet runs tomorrow at Huntingdon and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Good to receive a few emails from abroad... Yes blog readers..

Chris Osborne from Sydney who also sent this link over.. Winx won.. 30 straight wins..

After all the recent bad news in Australian racing, and there was more yesterday when it was announced that Ben Currie was charged with welfare breaches.. they really do need this wonderful mare to keep winning.

John Cootes sent a photo from Marina Bay Singapore

Peter Craddick also emailed to say.. I always enjoy your blog from my MOBILE office here on the Kenyan coast, just a minute or 2 away you will find the attached!

Dennis McDonald sent this over..

I have a very good friend who I was in the RAF with for 30 years, lovely bloke but a bit of a chauvinist anyway I rang him yesterday and asked what he had bought the wife for her Valentines Day present..

A belt and a bag he said,

I said I am sure she was thrilled and he said...

Yeah maybe the vacuum cleaner will work now!!!

To finish... We are trailing  a new way of communicating with my KBRP’s and those of you who would normally receive an email or voice text on Sundays it will be now coming through The Racing Manager.. So I hope you get it.. and of course I hope I work it correctly..If not let me know.. if I cant I will let you know too..

For everybody else it will be the same as a normal Sunday.