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16th February 2023

Plus 7 and dry when driving in...

Thursday is our easy day.. Frankly we are not pushing too many at the moment.. that is until we have some rain in the forecast.

First bout of physio with Lucinda yesterday.. Her motto is 'no pain no gain'... and my does she live up to it.

Lucinda is brilliant, but I did wonder if she had been dipping in to Prince Harry's fancy dressing up box!

As you can image my movements have been fairly restricted over the last 10 days and likely to be for a few more days!

I am not one for staying still for long, but last night we finished watching Clarkson’s Farm round 2 on Amazon Prime (BBC could not cope!)

It’s, once again, a superb insight into farming life. Amusing, scary and equally depressing at times.

A good first day for England in their first Test against New Zealand at The Bay Oval.

West Oxfordshire District Councillors predictably did not come out smelling of roses!

''Say that again''- I wasn't listening
''Pardon?''- I didn't hear you
''Eh?''- What are you on about?
''You what?''- What the hell are you on about?
''What did you just say?''- I might have to fight you
''I beg your pardon''- I might have to challenge you to a duel.