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16th August 2019

Plus 13 and dry when driving in.

Not sure how dry it is going to remain.. especially as I am heading to Lord’s later.

Tom Bellamy was in for a couple of lots.

David and Frances Ratcliffe plus David's sister Sue were here to see David's KBRP horses Vinndication, Siler Kayf and Arthur's Sixpence.

Archie and his pony headed off early to Wolverhampton pony racing. They had to be there by 10.

Hottest July and looks like we are heading for the wettest August. You have to feel sorry for the local farmers who still have a huge amount of harvest to be cut… The knock on effect of a wet August will be felt later in the year… Mind you reading the papers harvest prices will only be the start.

Tom Siddall finished his teeth rasping yesterday. The point of doing the horses teeth..Tom will be back here fairly regularly as and when other horses return from their pre training.

Norman Carter enjoyed seeing his horse Sunblazer having his photo day. The final photo was of Sunblazer heading up the gallops with Archie on board in full racing kit..

Lord’s, what a day yesterday. Especially for Andrew Strauss. A red day in memory of his wife Ruth and those images of his two boys ringing the famous bell to start play will be remembered for many years.. I was at Lord’s when Andrew made his debut with a century in 2004.

Sadly I fear we are heading for a draw due to the weather but yesterday looked like another England batting collapse..Then Broad bowled.. and there was light relief..

I am heading there in hope, but later I am heading to The National Theatre where the Martin and Jocelyn Broughton are hosting a party on The Deck to celebrate their excellent season of 23 winners. The horse they have here Rose To Fame added two to their total..

There has been an interesting advertising war taking place over the Ashes.

We have a new owner of the month..David Shuttle..Also a cricket fan

I am not going to add a joke today.. I dont need to....Maddy P