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14th September 2015

Plus 11 and dry when driving  in. We did have rain overnight.

Luckily we had no rain yesterday for our Owners Open Day..

What a day it was. 250 people popped along to watch their horses parade and wander around the yard meeting horses, staff and friends. It was fabulous day; yes lucky with the weather and David Morgan did a tremendous job feeding us all.

Great staff make all the difference and my team yesterday were fantastic. The horses paraded well and looked wonderfully well and my team smiled and looked very smart in their blue Kim Bailey Racing T shirts.

The parade is always a worry.. I dread a loose horse and the ensuing havoc.

Thankfully they all behaved and bar the odd blip when my microphone died, it all passed successfully.

I of course made several mistakes.. Bandon Roc is not by Milan, My Cousin Rachel was also bred by Richard Davies as well as his brother Huw and Grahame Whateley's horses are owned by Diana as well… As for Aiden Murphy, nothing about him was in house, bar his jokes..

I left the tent last night with all my staff tucking into cans of beer and other delights from the bar.. They looked happy and ready to party after a fun and hard working day.

It is hard work putting an open day together and the many hours of cleaning, brushing and weeding goes on and then the brochure is always important; now Kerry can get back to normal mode and relax and enjoy her job.. I hope?

All those who could not make yesterday will be sent a brochure but if you were not here and would like a brochure please email Kerry on and she will pop one in the post.

Many thanks to my team for a great day and yes we sold the odd horse too!!

John Perriss emailed..What a fantastic day. I think my first day was 1989 or thereabouts so I am in a good position to say the best one yet! Horses looked great, yard was, of course, immaculate and what a wonderful lunch.

Looking back over the weekend, so much has happened.

There were big bashings at Doncaster and Leopardstown and both stewards enquires produced the right results if you abide by the rules.. Not everybody was happy, but both decisions were correct if the rule book is read. So disappointing for Ralph Beckett.. Poor chap has had a tough time with Stewards enquiries.

The biggest bashing of all was left for the Labour Party.. Jeremy Corbyn winning was a stunner.. On a par with Paul Nicholl’s announcing that he had appointed me to be his stable jockey..!