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16th October 2021

Plus 8 and dry when driving in.

Driving is what I did a great deal of yesterday.. The M6 was closed both ways so traffic around Birmingham was exceptionally heavy and my journey to Uttoxeter took 3 and ¾ hours instead of 2 and ¼..

Anyway we arrived which was important as I was pulling our runner Talk Of The Moon.. There was a moment when I thought I might have to ring her owner Ed Hawkins and declare her a non runner.. again.. thankfully the seas parted and we found a way to the races to arrive in time..

TOTM ran well to finish 4th.. There was no pace so she had to lead and although very green in front she did not disgrace and will have learnt a huge amount from the experience.. so positive vibes all round after her run.

Uttoxeter was busy as usual and it was good to bump into Matt Lambert.. His drive home to Sussex might not have been fun!! My drive home was helped by Charlie Longsdon who rang me to let me know traffic conditions around Birmingham..

Up at Fakenham Rockys Treasure finished 2nd.. probably a lucky one, but having said that he was nearly very lucky as he might have been gifted the race when a loose horse turned the wrong way and took one out and nearly the other..Sam T-D did well to stay on.

Shocking news about Sir David Amess.. what has our world come to..there is sadly a huge unhappy undercurrent in the country at the moment, but that was a totally barbaric and shocking death.. How his family will cope lord only knows..

I much enjoyed reading this email from Piers Dibben..

Dear Kim, We hope you had a good time at the conference,  rekindled friendships and found the sessions interesting and helpful.

There was a good level of interest in our new 'conveyor style toilet', which is carbon neutral in use. The toilets are also significantly lower cost to install and operate which we hope will create opportunities for Councils to install them where traditional alternatives had been too expensive.

We will be in touch with everybody who visited the stand, but if you missed us, and would like a chat, please do get in touch.  Meanwhile, please find our toilet information brochure enclosed.

This was shortly followed by..

Apologies – I don’t know why that all went out to the wrong people!  You may wonder what a conveyor toilet is – think generation game!

Thanks Piers, at least you made me laugh.. I wonder what a conveyor style toilet is..? Click here and see if you can work it out..

David Bass and Harrison Beswick were in this morning. Ciaran Gethings is riding in France.

No visitors.. we must smell Piers?

We have two runners today and none tomorrow.. Stratford is where I am heading later.. Diamond Gait and Sammeo run there and for my thoughts on their chances please click here.

Dont miss Ascot Champions Days .. Cracking racing..

I was in a public toilet and had just sat down...when I heard a sweet female voice from the next cubicle, she said "Hi!, how are you?"

Embarrassed, I said, "I'm doing fine".

The voice said "So what are you up to?".

I said, "Just doing the same as you, sitting here!".

From next door, "Can I come over?".

Annoyed, I said, "rather busy right now".

The voice said, "Listen, I will have to call you back, there's an idiot next door answering all my questions"

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday