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16th November 2020

Plus 8 and dry when driving in..

It certainly was not when racing at Cheltenham on Saturday.

I was at Cheltenham with Phil and Gill Andrews who were there to watch their horse Dandy Dan run, and also watch Party Fuzz, although he was running at Uttoxeter where Mat was.

The ground was soft at Cheltenham which meant that Shinobi did not run .. we decided to see if Dandy Dan was be able to cope with it, but sadly he did not, so it was not much fun..

After we finished racing at Cheltenham we left for the car park to watch Party Fuzz..on the phone (No Skyracing on the TV's as no betting shops) It was tipping with rain so I stood behind NJH’s car while he and I watched the bumper on his ipad

Phil and Gill Andrews, who were in a different zone watched on the phone while standing under an umbrella.....behind the barrier, behind NJH’s car.. All rather bizarre! the rain.. Party Fuzz ran a blinder to finish 3rd with NJH’s horse behind us..

Yesandno finished 5th which was his first ever finish over hurdles.. a good start for this embryo chaser.. Gwen Meacham was delighted..Sadly Rosmuc Relay did what he did first time out last year and ran disappointingly..

It was excellent racing over the three days at Cheltenham and hats off to my ex assistant Alex Hales for winning the novice hurdle yesterday with his tearaway For Pleasure..

Simon Gilmore, who I have known most of my life, is head lad and right hand man to Alex and for his sins rides out For Pleasure, who is probably not!

Anyway it is cracking good form for Shantou Express  who was second to For Pleasure at Stratford and has won since..

Monday morning and an early start taking Starvoski, Shanacoole Prince, Voyburg and First Flow for an away day.

We have three runners today.. I am heading to Leicester with Chazza and Station Master and then we have a runner at Kempton on the flat with Blazon.. For my thoughts on all their chances please click here.

Lewis Hamilton some driver..

Keep smiling..

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