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15th December 2016

Plus 7 when driving in at 4.30.. Too early. Busy day ahead.

Harry Topper and Knockanrawley went to Newbury for a racecourse gallop this morning. Both horses worked 2 miles.. Welsh Grand Nation preparation.

I met Peter Kerr and Karen Masters there. Peter runs the KBRP who own Knockanrawley while Karen is one of the partnership.

Then on to Towcester.

Here this morning Micheal and Mary Dulverton called over second lot to see Mary’s horse Call Claude.

Thursday is our easy day although not today as we have 8 runners at two meetings.

Shaluna, Cocc Des Champ and Sainte Ladylime head to Exeter with David Bass.. Mat goes there to saddle.  Battle Dust, Another Venture, Queer Times, Biscuit and Jupiters Gift all run at Towcester. For my thoughts please click here.

Mentioning Harry Topper it was good to see his owner Tony Solomons at The Fitzdares lunch in the RAC Club yesterday.. Some lunch and I sincerely hope I make the invite list next year. Fellow trainers Oliver Sherwood, Harry Dunlop and Hugo Palmer were there too. No TNDGB.. Odd? Missing a free lunch? Thanks Baltaza Fabricious for the invite.

A doctor that had been seeing an 80-year-old woman for most of her life finally retired.

At her next checkup, the new doctor told her to bring a list of all the medicines that had been prescribed for her.

As the doctor was looking through these his eyes grew wide as he realized Grandma had a prescription for birth control pills.

"Mrs Smith, do you realize these are birth control pills?"  

"Yes, they help me sleep at night."

"Mrs. Smith, I assure you there is absolutely nothing in these that could possibly help you sleep!"

She reached out and patted the young doctor's knee and said, "Yes, dear, I know that.

But every morning, I grind one up and mix it in the glass of orange juice that my 16-year-old Granddaughter drinks

And believe me it definitely helps me sleep at night."

You gotta love Grandmas!