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16th December 2022

Minus 12 and dry when driving in..

I did not even attempt to send my horses to Ffos Las yesterday as I simply did not believe that they ever thought they were capable of racing after minus 5 was recorded on the course at 6 am..

Clerk Of The Course Dai Jones obviously believed he could race otherwise he would not have made the call for a delayed 9.30 inspection..

But his efforts were ruined by the lack of water to the stables.. I am not going to rant or rave as I had made an early call.. But I would have been in trouble if the water to the stables had miraculously actually started running..

Ffos Las in not next door and my horses had to leave just before 7.30 so when his further inspection call came through I rang the runners owners and told them I did not fancy wasting their money.. Thankfully they all agree as they too could not see it being fit to race..

We move on .. It was bloody cold here all day yesterday.. Minus 15 to start and then minus 12 at midday and it was still minus 5 when I queued to get into Cheltenham mid after noon to have see Mario .. He did his job on my head in under the time it took me to drink my cup of coffee..

Friday morning and the post is stacking up.. Letters I sent to owners two weeks ago have mostly not arrived, so Christmas cards sent this morning should arrive in time for next Christmas..

Cilla Wills was here second lot to see her KBRS horse Voyburg..

Will Duff Gordon was here mid morning to discuss some new data from Total Performance Data.. Will has not been here for a while so good to see him.

No racing today, tomorrow and our next big hope is Lingfield on Monday..

It has been a week of expense.. loads of salt and now our power harrow has died.. If you know of a 2.5 meter power harrow for sale please let me know asap.. 3 meter ones are a plenty but just too wide..but hard to find the smaller a big Help please..

Today we are selling Shinobi through the online sales at Thoroughbid. Available through no fault of his own, the partnership is unfortunatley dissolving so he is up for sale. You have to register with Thorougbid online to bid but i've been told it's all very simple. 

Bidding will begin at 9am today and close at 2-minute intervals from 12 o’clock, bidding closes on Shinobi at approximately12.24pm If someone bids in the last two-minutes, then the time for that lot will extend for another two minutes until no one has bid in the last two minutes. This extension will only affect that particular lot and will not affect the time at which the lots thereafter finish.....

Clerk of the course

In horse racing, the clerk of the course is the person responsible for track management and raceday preparation at a racecourse.

Lysergic acid diethylamide..

A drug mainly used by racecourse clerks.

“can alter perception (awareness of surrounding objects and conditions), thoughts, and feelings.”

Not thinking for one second that Ciaran Gething takes any of the above.. But I forgot to wish him Happy Birthday yesterday..