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16th March 2020

Plus 1 and dry when driving in.. Frost on my windscreen first thing.

Good old First Flow what a great season he has had. Yesterday was his 4th win of the season.

We sent First Flow north to Carlisle with 3 penalties, but because they were only 5lbs for each win we know he could carry the weight. It was race worth going for, and frankly with his love of heavy ground it just might be his last chance to race this season.

It looks like we will be racing behind closed doors shortly.

Racing in most countries around the world have already started and we must be thankful that even this is allowed.

I dread the day when they decide to totally stop racing.. Will it a jockey testing positive, a member of our staff or a trainer but as soon as racing is stopped it could be a fair few months before we starts again.

The thought terrifies me.. Can you imagine how the flat trainers are thinking.. It really is worrying times and the financial implications don’t bear thinking about.

We were due to have 50 students from the RAU this morning, but sadly I have decided not to entertain them.. Henry Daly’s son Jimmy was one who was meant to have been here... I suppose I wont hear the end of it.

We have two runners today at Hereford. Imperial Icon and The Edgar Wallace run there and for my thoughts please click here.

Good old British humour..