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17th April 2023

Plus 9 and dry when driving in..

Watching The Kemble Brewery win so impressively was all that we hoped for and my what a tonic being able to watch from home.
Aiden Murphy and I bought TKB for Phil Andrews who wanted to involve his mates through KBRS syndicate.. They are Andrew Addison, Gary Andrews, Stuart Ballantyne, Paul Goring, Russell Hughes, Ty Hughes, Kevin McGrath, Tony Pryce and Kevin Wiiliams
16.6% of the prize money TKB wins goes to the charity Winston Wish..
The idea for a horse was concieved after Dandy Dan won at the Hunter Chase meeting at Cheltenham last May.. post race celebrations were held at The Kemble Brewery in Cheltenham.. hence the name!
It was the highlight of my weekend as Chepstow was not a great day in Saturday although Party Fuzz was second and back to form.
Watching the GN with Mrs B in hospital was a first and I hope the only time.
This years race was tough in so many ways, but the result was all that we needed. Well done to Lucinda and jockey Derek Fox. Post race interviews from both summed up the day.
I have to say the last 3 weeks have really tried my sense of humour. I certainly don’t recommend catching Discitis and frankly none of the doctors had any idea as to how.. Just bad luck they said.

The staff at the Gloucester Royal were amazing .. Fun and entertaining while really knowing what they were doing. They were always smiling, even when I discharged myself yesterday when saying I could not take any more..

I cannot thank those who came to see me and those of you who rang on a daily basis to see how I was coping.. Cards too and thanks. I will never have another Costa Cocktail

Being in hospital does much to your condition.. I have lost just under a stone.. Mrs B who came in every day has already put me on a stiff regime of high protein food

A big thanks to Mat for holding the fort so well and to all my team.. It is now onwards and upwards even though it might be slow progress as the amount of pills I have might take some swallowing..

I was lucky and I left hospital with many in a far worse place than I was..

When I arrived home.. a deep bath followed by a Bloody Mary

Monday morning and so good to be back at Thorndale.

Helen Hibbert was here to see her KBRS Shantou Express
We have no runners today...