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16th June 2022

Plus 12 and dry when driving in.

It was certainly warm watching Archie play cricket at Rockhampton yesterday. Archie’s Grandfather Freddie joined me for the afternoon session.

I had hoped to creep off for tea with Geri Worcester but time ran out as it so often does when watching cricket.

Mat and David Bass went to see the Dulverton's horses and both came back full of excitement as their horses look wonderfully well.

Thursday morning and day 3 of Royal Ascot.

Clare and I are heading there today as guests of Kevin Clancy..

The Clancy family box is always a fun place to spend the day.. Most of those in the box will be part of the May We Never Be Found Out Partnership who own Two For Gold….It will probably be cooler in their box than most places.. in more than one way!

We had thought that today was likely to be our last day attending the Royal Meeting but to our great surprise Ajero has scarped in for tomorrows Duke Of Edinburgh Stakes.

Martin Jones sent over photos of three of the horses I bought at Goffs (Doncaster) that he is currently breaking in for me... All are for sale..

Did you know that when 3 people tried to sell Coca Cola’s secret formula to Pepsi, Pepsi informed the management of Coca Cola headquarters who called the FBI..... Not sure that would happed in todays world?