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17th September 2020

Plus 11 and dry when driving in.

As I know you know.. Thursday is our easy day

I met up with Simon Claisse yesterday to see what Cheltenham are planning for owners and trainers for their October meeting..

Simon is not only clerk of the course but now he has to try and sort the course out for owners and trainers to enjoy their days racing with the current BHA Covid regulations..No easy task.

As we know you are probably safer on a racecourse than you are in a hospital?

The course was looking fabulous and being watered..

Good news re crowds coming back next week at Newmarket.. Lets hope it is third time lucky..Even Warwick next week are allowed a few ..

It is not all good news and the blame game when it comes to racing and crowds has started again..

Archie being back at school means that he now has a raging cold.. nothing else may I say, but no herd immunity built up as he has seen many of his age group over the last few months..I wonder how many people queuing for swab tests just have a cold..

Great game but we lost.. Infact a no ball probably cost England the match. It was great viewing even without crowds. Big thanks to Australia, The West Indies, Pakistan and Ireland and all the other countries for coming over for the summer.. it has made sport more intersting.

I am in a zoom meeting most of the morning.. The RSA

Pat Smullen.. The racing world mourns..This was what Richard Forristal wrote..Pictures..

The 10 Most Irritating Phrases..

At the end of the day

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At this moment in time

With all due respect


It's a nightmare

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It's not rocket science

I have added one..Honestly..

Todays non virus video nasty