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18th February 2022

Plus 8 windy when driving in, Eunice is coming!

I recieved an SOS email from Kim, apparently they arrived safely in Sri Lanka only to find out they were celebrating a religious day, a non alcoholic day where alcohol was not allowed to be drunk or sold. Not to worry Kim as today is National Drink Wine Day so plenty of time to catch up.

No runners again today but Norman Carter braved the weather to come up second lot to see his horse Samatian and KBRS horse Voyburg * update - Norman decided to be safe and stay at home. 

We were expecting a few more but due to the forecasted weather conditions they have rescheduled to next week. 

Yesterday I recieved my first Blog review.......I am not quite sure how to take it, on one hand it's a positive cause I quite like Victor Meldrew, I find him funny but on the other hand, he is a grumpy old man who moans a lot!! before you assume, no it was not my bf leaving the review. 

Just the one hashtag from me today #TFIF